Löbel & González offers legal advisory on diverse legal subjects, with main emphasis on the ones related to the application of International Private Law. Our law firm is specialized in European-Latin-American relations, and specifically, in the relationships existing between Chile, Germany and Spain.

Löbel & González offers their legal advice in the subjects of International Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Real Estate, Intellectual Property, Mortgage Law, Litigation, Maritime Law, Power Industry and Insurance Law, among others.

Besides the expertise in purely legal services, Löbel & González’s Lawyers are true “interpreters” of diverse legal and cultural traditions. We understand that the communication, as a factor in the attainment of the desired result, is essential. Nevertheless, several times the willingness of the parts towards the achievement of an agreement may not be enough, and the particular positions must be interpreted, in order to be understood in detail by all the parts. This is exactly our distinctiveness and the advantage we offer you: we are capable of attaining this extremely necessary communication.

We have offices in Santiago de Chile, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Canary Islands, Lisbon and Hamburg. This means we are "in situ", and so we can work fast and with the required flexibility whenever it is needed.